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Mat Classes

Mat classes are great for realigning imbalances in the body with low impact exercises. Low impact doesn’t mean easy… the workout is hard and you will work for the results! But the exercises are easy on your bones and joints, and we think you will be pleased with the longer, leaner you! All levels are welcome, and strict attention is paid to each member of the class. All classes are approximately 55 minutes. All props and mats are provided.

At Bay Area Pilates, you will enjoy your mat classes in a smaller, more intimate setting. Although mat is the foundation to all Pilates exercises, due to studio space, our class sizes and offerings are limited. Although it is NOT REQUIRED at this time, we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to SIGN UP ONLINE before your group class. This helps our instructors prepare a class to suit each group’s individual needs.

Gentle Pilates

Whether you are just starting your first Pilates mat class or you want to seek a greater understanding of Pilates principles, this class is just what you are looking for. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels and targets specific modifications for any injuries and scoliosis. In this class you will:
-Learn the 6 principles of Pilates
-Increase deep core strength and introduce you to your “powerhouse”
-Increase flexibility of the spine and entire body
-Improve posture and balance
-Introduce beginner and intermediate level Pilates exercises
-Tone all areas of the body (arms, stomach, back, legs)

Intermediate/Advanced Mat

Intermediate/Adv Mat is for the experienced Pilates students who have mastered skills taught in previous classes. The student is further challenged in the mind body connection and the movements are more complex and demanding. The class moves at a quicker tempo than lower level classes. New to the studio? Please speak with one of our instructors before attending this group class.

MS Classes

Mat classes designed specifically for those suffering with MS/Fibromyalgia or other neurological conditions.  A Pilates/Yoga based exercise program using a variety of props to reduce contractures in the muscles by lengthening muscles and utilizing breath to help with balance and pelvic floor control.  Classes will be held on the mat, but can also be taken from a seated position on a chair.  All classes are approximately 55 min.  All props and mats are provided.