In order to set up your private session, please contact us.

Private Sessions

During a private session at Bay Area Pilates the instructor utilizes Pilates to create a comprehensive program specialized for each individual. Exercises are done on apparatuses to both strengthen and lengthen muscles. All exercises can be modified for specific bodies or injuries. The focus is on deep strengthening of “the core” (an area of the body consisting of the abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and the glutes.) Clients do not progress through the stages until their body is ready and their mind is establishing a connection with their core.

Private lessons are for you, if…
• You want to intensify your mat workouts.
• You prefer one on one coaching.
• You want to try the Pilates machines.
• You’re recovering from an injury.
• You have specialized needs that cannot be addressed in a class setting.

One Session $50 or 10 sessions for $450

Semi-Private Session

Semi-private Sessions are for those looking to keep the authentic Pilates workout more cost-effective. Instructors offer the same private session workout, but for 2 clients at a time.

One Session $30 or 10 sessions for $270

Reformer Classes

For a true test to your core, nothing works better than the Pilates Reformer. These semi-private classes for a group of 3-4 have an emphasis on rhythmic, flowing movements and will increase strength, flexibility and stamina while also improving alignment, balance, coordination and tone.
Reformer Policies:
•Reformer Classes are scheduled as appointments. Please find your group of 3-4 to reserve your spot
•Pilates Mat experience is highly encouraged before starting in a reformer class.
•If you have never worked on the reformer, you are required to take at least one private session and an evaluation will follow.
•Scheduled reformer classes will be required to have all 3 people attending or semi-private prices will apply.
Reformer class times are limited to the availability of the equipment

Class Price: $20

*We require 24-hour cancellation for all private/semi-private/reformer classes or the session will be charged in full.