“After suffering from disc degeneration, arthritis in my lower back, as well as sciatic nerve pain I tried several series of physical therapy and had little, if any, relief.  I was thinking I was in for years of declining activity but not ready to give up on the things I loved to do.  I had heard of this “Pilates” thing, but had no idea what it really was all about (and looking at the equipment was more than a little intimidating!).  I figured it was worth a try so I signed up for a few private sessions.  I was totally amazed when, after only one hour, I had significant relief from my lower back pain!  Although the pain returned after a day or so, I was committed to finishing my sessions and am so glad I did.  I was almost totally pain-free by the end of the month, and it didn’t return this time!  It’s been over 4 years now, and I will never quit my Pilates – I hardly ever even think about my back, and if my sciatica returns occasionally, I know what to do to ease it.  I’m a “Pilates for life” believer!”
Barbara, Saginaw, MI


“Prior to Dec 2011, I was an avid Pilates student, using the principles and workouts to help develop my equestrian riding as well as my core balance and strength. I always thought highly of Pilates and of course, saw the results in the riding. Unfortunately, after Dec. 2011, my Pilates ambitions changed as I was involved in a equestrian accident resulting in a broken pelvis with plates in my hip. I was recommended two years of healing, strict physical therapy sessions, and a slim chance of ever riding a horse again. I had a choice to make leaving that diagnosis– enroll in physical therapy or continue immense training in a program I believed would not only help me heal but also help me regain balance, flexibility, and alignment. I chose Pilates. Slowly, week-by-week, Erin used her extreme expertise to help regain my strength and balance. Her passion to understanding the human body, muscular development, and overall continuing education in the field led me to believe she was the most qualified and most desired Pilates instructor in our area. In 6 months, I went from barely walking to now back in the saddle. At my 6 week check up- I was three weeks ahead of recovery schedule. To say the least, my doctor and I were pleased. If you’re someone who is working through a previous injury, looking to add balance and strength to a sport, or just want to get in the best shape of your life, I highly recommend Pilates with Erin. “
Diane, Saginaw, MI


“I am delighted with the results I have achieved through the Pilates Reformer workouts with Tamara Wieland at Bay Area Pilates.  The atmosphere is warm and inviting and Tamara both encourages and challenges me toward continuing progress.  I first began sessions following surgery and physical therapy for a torn meniscus and arthritis in my left knee.  The workouts have been most beneficial in helping me to become better aware of the function and performance of each muscle group.  As a result, my knee is not only much stronger and pain free but my overall physical health has improved. Previous problems with recurring back pain have also been greatly diminished.  I highly recommend Bay Area Pilates for their professionalism and commitment to their clients’ improvement.   It is the perfect place for improving personal physical function or as a part of a prescribed rehabilitation plan. “
Bertha, Saginaw, MI