New to Bay Area Pilates!

Now you can enjoy working out with us in the comfort of your own home.

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Give it a try

Beginner’s Pilates MAT Class

Erin & Rhoda Safely Guide you to Challenge, Stretch, & Strengthen your whole body.  This Class will move at a moderate pace, and gives modifications. Beginner Level Pilates.  Approx 40 minutes in length.

Let’s go Joe

Intermediate Classical Pilates MAT Class

Erin & Rhoda Guide you through the Classical Intermediate Pilates Mat Sequence. This Class moves!  Challenge yourself.  Stretch, Strengthen, and Refine Your Pilates Practice.  Approx 40 minutes in length.

Just Roll with it

Foam Roller Full Class

Erin & Rhoda teach you their favorite Foam Roller Exercises.  All fitness levels can benefit from Foam Roller Release Work.  This class is in 3 sections giving you the option of taking the class as a whole, or just a section at a time.  So – get your Foam Roller & Roll with us.  Approx 45 minutes in length.

Start Your Engines

Pre-Pilates Essential Exercises- Mini Class

Erin & Rhoda Guide you through the Classical Pre-Pilates Exercises. A must have for all that are new to Pilates and a great refresher for the more experienced practitioners.  This Mini Class is very gentle and will teach you the 9 building concepts required for your Pilates Practice.  Approx 30 minutes in length.

Beautiful Arms

Pilates Arm Series Mini Class

Erin & Rhoda Guide you through the Pilates Arm Series. Safe and effective toning for the Arms.  Add this to your fitness program, and improve your upper body functional strength.  Approx 10 minutes in length.

Flow & Joe

Yoga & Pilates Intermediate Fusion Class 

Erin & Rhoda will challenge you by mixing Pilates MAT Exercises with Standing Yoga Sequences. This Intermediate Class moves!  Build Strong Legs, Core, and Arms.  Healthy knees, feet & backs required.  Approx 50 minutes in length.

Pilates Feet

Pilates Foot Work Mini Class

Erin & Rhoda teach you Pilates Foot Work Exercises, and feel good Release Work.  This mini class is suitable for all fitness levels, and is a great addition to any fitness program.  Your Feet will thank-you.  Approx 15 minutes in length.

Iron Joe

Intermediate Pilates with Weights MAT Class

Erin & Rhoda Guide you through an Intermediate Pilates Mat Sequence with Hand Weights. Using 2 to 3lb weights, see if you have the Metal for this butt kicker Pilates Challenge. Push Your Pilates Practice.  Approx 35 minutes in length.