How We do Pilates

We are proud to use the superior quality of Balanced Body for our Pilates equipment.
Below are the three main pieces of equipment we use at our studio during our private sessions.

The reformer is a piece of resistance exercise equipment designed by Joseph Pilates. It consists of a platform that moves back and forth along a carriage. Resistance is provided by the exerciser’s body weight and by springs attached to the carriage and platform.

The Cadillac is one of the most effective and versatile of all Pilates apparatus. It comprises a raised, horizontal table top with a four-post frame to which are affixed a variety of bars, straps, springs, and levers. The cadillac was the first piece of equipment Joseph Pilates invented and is great for rehabilitation and strengthening.

The Wunda Chair is Designed to stretch and strengthen muscle groups like the back and deep abdominal muscles, the Wunda Chair utilizes both the large and small muscle groups. Exercises done using the Wunda Chair also promote balance and body control. The Wunda chair is often used for rehabilitation for knee and shoulder injuries.